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Food and drink in the store

In our shop, in the annexed "Fish dealer Odawara Rokuzaemon"

​You can enjoy a standing meal.


​Grilled rice balls

​Dashi chazuke

For grilled rice balls of special rank rice from Kanagawa prefecture, baked fragrantly,
Enjoy it with our original all-purpose dashi stock, which has a deep flavor.
Ochazuke style set.
With ingredients that enhance the taste, including delicacies

Please enjoy the deliciousness that can only be experienced here.

​580 yen

​(Tax not included)


​Rice ball set

​650 yen

​(Tax not included)

While wrapping the 5 ingredients a little, it goes well with salt and musubi.
It is a rice ball set that you can taste.
"Aged soup stock" using our original fish sauce salt

The soup used is also excellently compatible with salt and ingredients.
Recommended for those who want to enjoy various materials little by little.

How about Kanagawa local sake together?

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