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​Fish dealer Omusubi Rokuzaemon has been in business for over 430 years.
​By inheriting the connoisseur and soul of the long-established fish dealer "Ayaya"
​Sticking to "it can be realized only because it is a long-established fish dealer",
Pursuing the best rice balls based on marine ingredients
​It is a rice ball shop.
​Going back in history
"Ichikawa Rokuzaemon", which founded Ayuya in 1587, is based in Odawara and uses fish that was originally bought directly at Pisces and the beach as a village.
They were selling and delivering delicious fish to various places.
After that, as a hereditary system, the name "Rokuzaemon" was given for generations.
I have been named.
A new commercial facility at the entrance to Odawara
The long-established fish dealer "Ayaya", which was founded in "Minaka Odawara" for more than 430 years, is the first
Rice ball shop "Omusubi Rokuzaemon"
Direct sales shop "Fish dealer Odawara Rokuzaemon"

I decided to set up in the annex .
It was in the city of Odawara triggered by a commercial facility
Along with revitalization, we will continue to serve delicious fish as a long-established store.
It is a store opening that decides to continue the challenge to deliver.
​Fish dealer Odawara Rokuzaemon has been handed down for a long time
​Craftsmen handmade at our factory, making use of connoisseur's technique
Original salted fish and aged soup stock
We have it.
​The products of the fish dealer Odawara Rokuzaemon are
​You can also purchase from.


1-1-15 Sakaecho, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture Minaka Odawara 1F 105

Phone: 045-20-4363

FAX: 045-20-4363

​business hours:

10: 00 ~ 20: 00

​Regular holiday:

​With the closed days of Minaka Odawara

​ 10:00~20:00となります。

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